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    This machine is developed for rolling small (hand)towels for refreshment. You canroll- up other towels with it also !
    They serve a wet towel to the customers in many places like restaurants and hotels,inflight service etc. …
    Place one cotton towel on the belt conveyor and it will roll it.
  • Compact table-top type with automatic counter.
  • Strongly-built and designed for a long-term use.
  • Simple positioning of the towels on the feeding table, allowing for immediate visualinspection.
  • Dimensions machine:
    W 400 x L 800 x H 325 mm. 51 Kg
  • Dimensions towel:
    Minimum size: 25 cm x 25 cm
    Maximum size: 34 cm x 37 cm
  • Motor: 100 Watt
  • Capacity: 1000 to 1500 towels / hour. (dependant on towel type and operator experience
  • C.E. Certified
  • Voltage 220-240/1/50HzRM7_S