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Laundry Belgium

Laundry The Netherlands (short video version)

Laundry The Netherlands (short video version)

LAMAC extra long rubber mat rolling

LAMAC swimming pool mat rolling

RM28 with automatic loading with robot from automatic cutting station

Anti fatigue mat and rubber finger tip mat rolling with the lamac matroller

Rolling 2 carpets side by side on the S type machines

Rolling Mattress protectors for health care facility

LAMAC RM28 S carpetroller with extra feedingbelt underneath the machine with foil and carton tub

New: rolling of vinyl product

New: RM18-R matroller, rolling carpets with textile outside

New: RM22-S with extra feedingtransport

Matroller with automatic fold and automatic sorting system start up and testing in laundry

Lamac rolling gummy piece

Lamac RM7-S matroller / babyroller / small carpetroller

Lamac rug carpet rolling machine with carton tube and 3 foil tapers

Lamac RM18 matroller with foil taping system

Rolling Duvets with the lamac mat rollers

Rolling 5 carpets in 1 with the lamac carpetroller RM18-S

RM18 mat roller with easy output system directly in trolley

RM18-S with 2 stretch foil systems

Rolling Woven Carpet with Lamac Matrollers

RM18 with wrapping machine

Rolling PVC mat and put a carton around

RM18-S mat roller test with tube and paper

Lamac machines Laundry

Mat Roller RM18 new version Lamac extra fold

Rolling tufted carpet with the Lamac Matroller

Rolling Carpets

RM18 S Matroller Lamac rolling rubber mats